This will install Upgrade 1 for Flight Ones Software's December 7 1941 Pearl Harbor.

This upgrade includes the following items:

Curtis P-40B Aircraft changes:

* The Curtis P-40B aircraft contained in "December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor utilizes many real CFS2 commands and features:

* Rolling wheels

* Sliding canopy - Open / Close canopy - Shift | C (CFS2 key commands) - Ctrl | E (FS2000 key commands)

* Working cowl flaps - Close cowl flaps in increments - Ctrl | E - Open cowl flaps in increments - Shift | E - (CFS2  key commands)

- (Assignable in FS2000 key commands)

* Working shocks and suspension

* CFS2 style prop disk

* Asynchronous gear retraction

* Fully rendered virtual cockpit with moving gauges

* Multi resolution format for increased online play ability and frame rates.

* AI aircraft appear with correct working landing gear and props whether in the air or on the ground.

Missions and Campaigns:

* This upgrade adds one campaign for the American and Japanese side + replaces the P-39's at wheeler field with P-40's