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441 Conquest II Showcase

The Cessna 441 Conquest II is a luxury cabin class, twin turboprop aircraft that cruises in excess of 300 mph and at an altitude of up to 35,000 ft. Flight 1's 441 Conquest II uses high definition gauges and panel systems with unique panel perspective views. Combined with accurate flight modeling and state of the art 3-D modeling, the 441 Conquest II is the premier twin turboprop aircraft for FS2004.

Flight 1's rendition of the 441 Conquest II continues in the tradition of offering you the highest level of realism and intergration available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

All photos are super high-resolution, in 24 bit colors.

Exterior Photos

The 441 Conquest II has been modeled in GMAX with exceptional detail for Flight Simulator 2004. All control surfaces are fully animated, including the cabin door and cargo compartments. Exterior lighting has been carefully placed, including a special icing light.

Pack Your Bags, Time To Take A Trip
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Downwind Departure
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Above The Weather
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Single Engine Practice
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Banking on Nightfall
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The Perfect Night Owl
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Main Panel

The main panel features easy readable gauges that are remarkably clear. Pop-up panels allow for enlarged viewing of critical instruments, as well as soft lighting for night flying that won't strain your eyes.. There are many different panel views (all not shown below) to bring any part of the panel into quick view.

Full panel w/Easy Readable Gauges
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Lighting and Lower Subpanels
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Nightlit Panel w/Popups
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Virtual Cockpit/Cabin

The 441 Conquest II virtual cockpit/cabin is fully modeled. Whether you want to take the pilot seat and fly the aircraft how it's meant to be flown, or kick back in the cabin and catch up on a magazine, the virtual cockpit features that are fully accessable via switches and avionics displays with a click of the mouse. All virtual flight controls are animated.

Turning To Next Approach Fix
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Includes All The Little Details
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Night Backlighting At It's Finest
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Special Features

The 441 Conquest II comes with special features to help you fully enjoy the product. This includes a "Panel Manager" which allows you move around the cockpit with just a few mouse-clicks, engine smoke at startup (not pictured), an aircraft Configuration Manager, and our proprietary Text-o-Matic aircraft repainting utility to apply your own repaints (or one of the many free repaints available on the Internet).

Panel Manager Navigation Tool
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Configuration Manager
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Text-o-Matic for all your repaints
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441 Showcase Video Clips

Below you will find three video clips showcasing the 441 Conquest II in action with Flight Simulator 2004. The videos require Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 to view.

Pilots! Start Your Engines
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Thunderstorm Alley
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Hong Kong Sunset Approach
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