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Flight Environment Showcase

Flight One Software, in cooperation with Peter Wilding, has developed a new add-on utility that will make you want to experience your favorite flights all over again. Flight Environment adds beautifully rendered clouds, all new water environments, and a randomizer that can create over 170,000 different combinations of clouds, water, and sky, so each flight is a new and refreshing experience.

Flight1's Flight Environment continues our tradition and unmatched commitment in offering you the highest level of realism and integration available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

All photos are super high-resolution, in 24 bit colors.

Clouds, Clouds, and More Clouds

Flight Environment includes thousands of cloud options, all created with painstaking care and attention to detail, to work in any weather theme and situation - including real weather - and 3rd party add-ons such as Active Sky - FS Metar - FS Meteo, etc. You can fly for years on end without seeing the same high quality cloud combinations or sets repeat.

Liquid Refreshment To Quench Your FS Thirst

Over 27 combinations of water environments are designed to interact with the sky and cloud environment in subtle and effective ways to produce stunning levels of realism. Wave size will vary, water tones and color will vary, reflection surfaces will vary, and white water crests will at appear random.

Blue Skies & Fiery Sunsets

Flight Environment includes dozens of sets of sky textures that will improve your FS skies with realistic sky color during various times of day. Set FS at dawn or dusk and watch Flight Simulator 2004 explode with fiery oranges and reds like never before.

Flight Environment Video

Below you will find a downloadable video clip showcasing Flight Environment in action within Flight Simulator 2004. The videos require Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 to view.

Flight Environment Screenshots Page #2

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