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Pilatus PC-12 Showcase

Known around the aviation world as the "Ultimate Aerial SUV", the Swiss designed and engineered Pilatus PC-12 is like no other aircraft in the world today. Whether you're flying nine of your friends to the big game, flying executives to Atlanta in first-class style, or delivering food rations to a short airfield in Alaska, the PC-12's ability to adapt itself to virtually any flight assignment sets it apart from other single engine aircraft.

Flight1's PC-12 continues our tradition and unmatched commitment in offering you the highest level of realism and integration available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

All photos are super high-resolution, in 24 bit colors.

Pilatus PC-12 Exterior Shots

The exterior of the PC-12 is designed in GMAX with exceptional detail. All control surfaces are fully animated, including the cabin door and cargo compartments. One of the great features of this model is that the cabin configuration changes depending on the aircraft model you select within Flight Simulator 2004.

Pilatus PC-12 2D Cockpit

The Pilatus PC-12 features complete 2D instrument panels and interior views in high resolution based on digital photo realistic graphics. All the instruments are clearly readable both on the panel and in the popup windows with easy-to-use clickable knobs, dials, and levers. The 2D panel also includes soft lighting for night flying that won't strain your eyes.

Pilatus PC-12 Virtual Cockpit

The virtual cockpit of the PC-12 includes incredible detail with full working gauges, switches, and moving parts. This setup gives you the full experience of what its like to fly this beautiful aircraft.

Pilatus PC-12 At Night

Flying at night in the PC-12 is an experience in itself. After the sun goes, your eyes light up along with the panel as you will see this beatiful aircraft come to life under the lights both outside and in.

Pilatus PC-12 Special Features

The Pilatus PC-12 comes with special features to help you fully enjoy the product. This includes a 70+ page Pilot Information Manual to allow sim pilots to fly the aircraft with expertise, a point-and-click procedures tutorial to get you up in the air in no time, a Configuration Manager to choose voice sets in English, Spanish, French, and German for your Caution and Warning callouts, plus our proprietary Text-o-Matic aircraft repainting utility to apply your own repaints (or one of the many free repaints available on the Internet).

Pilatus PC-12 Video

Below you will find a downloadable video clip showcasing Pilatus PC-12 in action within Flight Simulator 2004. The videos require Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 to view.

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